A little help with using DR mode for repeater gateway access in the Icom IC-9100

I have owned my Icom IC-9100 since May of 2011, but never had much luck getting the DR mode to operate through the D-Star gateway system (it worked well for local repeater use, but I could not get it to work through the gateway to talk to my friends on Reflector 30C).  I eventually gave up and just programmed the local D-Star repeater (KA4RVT B) into a standard memory slot and used it that way in DV mode for access through the gateway.

I recently acquired an Icom ID-31A HT, and noticed that it used a DR structure very similar to the 9100.  This caused me to once again tackle this problem, especially when I realized I could upload the entire ID-31A CSV formatted repeater list into the 9100 repeater list.  Fueled with a new desire to make this work, I was finally able to successfully program the DR mode in the 9100 to work through the gateway system.  Here’s what I did:

  1.  Populated the 9100 Repeater List with repeaters (I used the ID-31A data set – CSV file – to do this).  It can be done manually with the CS-9100 software by importing the CSV file into the group you select or you can type the data manually.
  2. Entered DR mode (pressed and held down the DV/DR key) and then selected “UR” (F4) from the D1 menu (pressed the key once).
  3. Turned the dial until “CQCQCQ” was in the UR field from one of the Your Call Sign memory slots (I have “CQCQCQ” in Your Call Sign Memory Slot #1).
  4. With the UR field still displayed, Pressed and held the “UR” (F4) button and the R2 field entry appeared.  Turned the main dial until “GW” appeared (it was blinking).  Pressed “UR” (F4) to select GW (gateway) mode.  Do not select the “Not Use*” mode.
  5. Pressed “UR”(F4) again to go back to the R1 (Repeater List) screen.
  6. From here I was ready to transmit.   I just had to turn the main dial or memory channel dial to select the repeater to use.  It maintained the gateway (GW) mode even when different repeaters were selected.

Note – in the DR mode, the memory display will show “r1” and “DR” where the memory channel number is normally displayed.

I used the ID-31A CSV data set (repeater list) for this as it has the city names already assigned to each repeater.  When you turn the dial, it will change the city name at the bottom in the R1 field while at the same time changing the frequency readout at the top of the screen.  The data files for this can be generated on the ID-31A page at dstarinfo.com.

This may be old news to other users of the 9100, but it was not to me.  I hope this is useful for anyone who wants to use the IC-9100 in DR mode for repeater gateway access.



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8 Responses to A little help with using DR mode for repeater gateway access in the Icom IC-9100

  1. wolfgang says:

    Thank you for your effort. Very usefull article (ic9100 Gateway problem)

    vy 73 de Wolfgang DJ5ZWS

  2. Bert says:

    Good work Bill! This should be a time saver for us all. This type sofeware for all our radios would be helpful. Thanks! Bert N4BZJ

  3. This article really helped the penny drop, I kept leaving this part of the config in DR mode as I couldn’t get it to chat to any gateways via a local RPT.

    After reading this I realised GW mode didn’t exist or could be changed in the default CQCQCQ field, so I created another, GW was already configured and was flashing but after I selected it, everything sprang into life. Now I can disconnect and connect all over the show.

    It is in the manual though, but it’s not very well explained with regards the pre-reqs to be able to do it.

    Thanks again. M0LEX UK

  4. Hello and many thanks for your excellent explanation!

    Wolfgang DL5BAH

  5. Sylvain says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Very helpful

    73! From Sylvain VE2SYQ

  6. jon says:

    I have a id 31 a and am using a dv accesspoint dongle looks like theyvwork together BUT what sequence do I use on the radio to connect to a station or to scan for a station

  7. Jeff says:

    Bill, thanks for this! It was frustrating not being able to set the R2 gateway callsign.

    73 Jeff W4YZJ

  8. Mike says:

    Thanks, Bill. I was watching a particular 9100 video and I realized he couldn’t access DR mode, and searching for it on Youtube failed as well. A Google search led here.

    With the price dropping (somewhat), I’m now considering getting this radio, loaded with filters, UT-121, and UX-9100 (23cm). Total cost ~$3300. Do you think this radio is still worth buying as an all-around radio? My other alternatives would be the IC-7100 (very portable) or, for HF only, a SDR (probably Apache because it’s open software AND hardware, unlike Flex)–however, I really want a radio that’s all mode VHF+. Thanks!

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