UPDATE to Implementing an auto start system with the DVAP and RPI

In my original post about creating an auto start system for the DVAP and RPI, I focused on the DVAP Node and ircDDB packages.  At the end of the post I mentioned that Robin, AA4RC had published a version of his popular DVAPTool software for the RPI.  I later updated the post to include a way to auto start DVAPTool after the RPI is booted.   This system has worked very well for me.

Subsequently, I noticed a post by W2SWR with an alternative DVAPTool auto start method.  You can download his instructions here.  I have tried his method and it works very well.

Later, I noticed a great post to the DVAPDongle Yahoo! Group by KC8ZRM, describing a method to implement a 90 second delay in the auto start of DVAPTool to allow a WIFI connection to obtain an IP address.  His email with these instructions can be found here.  I have implemented this delay into my auto start system and it works as described.

I would recommend considering both of these suggestions when anyone is considering building an auto start DVAPTool system on the RPI.

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  1. PAUL says:

    try ed to get my raspberriy pi to work but when i try to put progs on with
    win32 tool its wipe s sd card clean can u tell me plesae
    what im i do ing wrog please from G1ILF PAUL UK THANKYOU
    information need ed please help /??????

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