New Acrylic Case for DV Dongle and DVAP

Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC and Internet Labs have introduced very cool new cases for the DV Dongle and the DVAP.  While I have not changed out the case on my DV Dongle, I have had the opportunity to change the cases on my VHF and UHF DV Access Point Dongles.  These new case look great and have a slightly larger footprint than the old case.  They are also a bit heavier.  A little extra weight is a plus, especially if you are looking for extra stability with a longer antenna.  The new cases are currently available from HRO for $21.95.  While the case does not add any new functionality to the DV Dongle or DVAP, they are an aesthetic improvement and a better match to a Raspberry Pi mounted in a  clear case!  The DV Dongle case is blue and the DVAP case is red – the same colors as the old cases.

Here’s one of my DVAP’s with the new case below the empty old case:








Here are the UHF and VHF DVAP’s in the new cases.  Note how the lights are now more visible through the clear cover.  Unfortunately, as with the old cases, there are no markings to distinguish the VHF and UHF devices.  I solved that problem by placing labels on the bottom of each case.









One small gripe is the absence of written assembly instructions included with the new cases.  Fortunately, Robin has prepared and uploaded excellent video tutorials that guide your through the process on a step by step basis.  The DVAP video is below.  The video for the DV Dongle and the DVAP can be found on You Tube.  Assembly was not difficult and took less than 30 minutes.  One word of advice; wipe off your fingerprints as you go or you will see them through the several layers of the case after assembly!

All in all, the new DV Dongle and DVAP acrylic cases are a very nice upgrade and well worth the $22 price tag.


Bill, AB4BJ



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2 Responses to New Acrylic Case for DV Dongle and DVAP

  1. Bill says:

    For those interested, here’s the video for installing the new acrylic case on the DV Dongle.

  2. Brad KA3YAN says:

    I really like the look of the DVAP & DV Dongle acrylic cases!!! I know it would be a little late for this production run, but maybe you would consider a slight design change for future runs…

    Change the flush mount flange nut to the top of the case and move the non-countersunk bolt to the bottom. Then use hollow rubber feet to cover the bolt heads. This keeps the bottom from getting scratched along with covering the protruding bolt heads.

    Thanks for the cool designs!!

    Brad KA3YAN

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