Icom ID-5100A Users Manual (Basic) Now Available!

Icom has posted the Basic User Manual for the ID-5100A on its web site.  I hope this means that the radio will be available very soon.  The manual is full of information about this potentially great new D-Star radio from Icom.

Here’s the cover of the manual.

Icom ID-5100A User Manual

Icom ID-5100A User Manual


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4 Responses to Icom ID-5100A Users Manual (Basic) Now Available!

  1. dennis negrich says:

    thanks for the heads up on the device and basic manual. The full manual is now up at icom america


  2. dennis negrich says:

    Sorry forgot….also pricing up on gigaparts for 5100

  3. Bill says:

    HRO has pricing up as well, with a $50 discount for purchases in April. I hope this means delivery is imminent.


  4. dennis negrich says:

    HRO called me today on my id-5100 preorder. They said FCC approval is a go! And they have charged my card. Late april expected delivery. Please oh please!

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